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songbird ([personal profile] athousandstars) wrote2020-01-30 06:09 pm
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Okay, so, this is my journal!
It will have a lot of access-only posts and if you want access just ask or add me, I'll give you access unless you're either an idiot or a jerk.
Here I'll post stories, poems, fanfiction, thoughts, rants, dreams, and lots of cool stuffs.
However, it'll contain a lot of controversial stuff, too, so here's some warning items:
LGBT stuff
Wicca/witchcraft stuff
Spiritual stuff
Otherkin/therian stuff
Mental diseases stuff (EDs mostly)
Me, being bitchy and offensive in general! :)

I'm also really into fashion, mainly goth, emo, scene, non-mainstream type stuff I guess. Also, I AM sort of... emo/scene/goth-ish... as a warning, so expect some of that.