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"Jonah!" I yell angrily. "You brat!"
Jonah whimpers. "I just wanted to help!" he protests.
I look at the crayon marks all over my previously pristine, white walls. Purple, yellow, orange, green... And instantly I know mother will blame me. She always does.
"Help would be cleaning this up," I say, as calmly as I can. "Before Mother gets home from work."
He whines about how pretty it is, but does as I say and goes to get soap and water to wash off the streaks of colored wax.
I leave the room, trusting him to clean it properly. Jonah isn't a troublemaker, just stupid, I think. He'll do what he's told if he understands it.
That second, while I'm criticizing my little brother mentally, is when They burst in the door, yelling and running, in a strangely organized fashion.
I only remember small fragments of those next moments. Them, grabbing me by the hair. Dragging me into a white car. Locking me in. Me, banging on the windows, trying desperately to get to my brother, to see if he's alright.
I never did see him again. Or my mother, father, or Uncle James and Aunt Pamela, or Grandma Mary, or my best friend Macie.
I was eleven years old when that happened. I grew up with the government, being raised by them, taught by them - how to do math, how to read... how to fight, to kill.
I thought they'd saved me. They told me they did. They said that someone else, an opposing force, called Mania, killed my family. That they, Centrals, had fought them off as best as they could and that only I'd been saved.
It took me years to realize just how stupid I was to believe them.

McKenna Meadow has lived a hard life; has always worked for Central, the Government ruling the entire world with an iron fist and a smile. She's had one goal since she was eleven years old: find and destroy Mania, the group she'd been told had killed her family - a group of Supernaturals, of creatures who shouldn't exist. But when she actually finds Mania, she realizes that her life has been a lie, that she's been fighting for the wrong side. That she is a Supernatural. And she will do anything to take down Central, to prove that they are corrupt. 


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